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Door supervisors are a grudge spend. Your license says you have to have them. Your insurers say they are a necessity. But what do they actually do?!

For every front of house member you employ, you can see a quantifiable revenue return. With your door staff, it can seem as if you are paying someone to stand half-heartedly at your door – waiting for something to happen (and it never does!).

You work hard to give your customers a unique and unrivalled experience, and so do we.

Our team prides itself on its personalised approach to management, door supervision, and customer service.

Guest Engagement

The acts of saying hello, opening the door, and welcoming guests into your venue can seem like a given, yet can be hard to find. These tenets of customer service are what our brand is built upon.

Our staff intrinsically understand the values and personality of the venues at which they work, and in addition to providing an unparalleled guest experience, they actively engage potential customers - letting them know who you are and what you have to offer.


Lead by hands-on and communicative management, every door supervisor we employ understands the needs of your customers and staff and the importance of making them feel safe, secure, and welcome.

Our door supervisors integrate into your teams and communicate effectively and frequently with management, ensuring they are working cohesively to provide a quality and memorable experience for each and every guest.

Reporting and Auditing

Our small and dedicated team also understand the importance of proper back of house process and procedure, and we work closely with our team and yours to ensure all documentation is complete and up-to-date. Our bespoke risk assessments and security operations plans help your venue operate safely, securely, and in compliance with all licensing requirements.

We take pride in our extensive reporting processes and exhaustive attention-to-detail. We provide:

Shift by Shift Reporting of incidents by door supervisors to ensure limitation of liability. These reports are regularly examined by the Senior Door Supervisor and Tres Hombres management and can help us to identify trends and issues that may be important to you.

Regular Venue Audits to confirm all processes are in place and being implemented correctly.

Venue Specific Door Supervisor Assessments at regular intervals in order to identify development opportunities and identify gaps in knowledge.

Regular, Scheduled Meetings between Tres Hombres management and client management to discuss ongoing performance.

Loyalty & Development

It can be hard to develop a relationship with your door team when the faces change every week. We understand the need for cohesion and continuity when it comes to providing a great guest experience.

Our team is made up industry veterans - most of whom have worked together for over 5 years - and the people they recommend. They are the best in the business and we pride ourselves on our critical and rational approach to door supervision.

Our hands-on approach to management means our staff feel supported and trusted– which in turn means you get a door team that is happy, competent, and motivated to provide quality customer service every single week.

Don’t take our word for it though - check out our staff testimonals here.



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