Our Team, and How To Join It!

Much like the venues and events with which we work, we are independent, high-quality, and fun (or at least we like to think so!).

If you've come through to this page after speaking to one of our team at a Freshers Fair - thank you! Please read through this page to find out a little more about our tream, and at the bottom of the page there are details for how to send an application. Please mention the location and date you spoke to us (and if you remember - the name of the team member you spoke to!).

Chris Anderson - Director

Chris has a wealth of experience in the security & events industries, spending 7 years with some of the UK's biggest providers.

“Working for the big providers was fantastic, and I'm extremely thankful for the opportunities they gave me in managing and supervising security at huge outdoor events and high profile indoor arenas. However as me and my colleagues grew older and had other work and family comittments, I increasing found the national companies unable or unwilling to work with you to ensure a sensible work/life balance.”

Upon founding TH, Chris took on several of his former colleagues who had also grown disillusioned with working in the event security sector.

“I was speaking to my old team who had all gone elsewhere, and they were all telling me the same thing. Companies advertising big 'headline' rates of pay, then charging them ridiculous fees for 'uniform hire', 'insurance' and 'payroll admin'. Shifts being changed or cancelled last minute with no explanation. Being issued with formal warnings for cancelling shifts well ahead of time, then being asked to justify why they were canceling. I have built this company as the opposite to that, and the results have been fantastic. Unsurprisingly, when you're being treated as an adult, trusted, and treated fairly, you are much more likely to enjoy your job and perform well.”

Alongside running TH CS&S Chris is the module leader for Crowd Management & Psychology at BIMM University in Manchester.

Our Supervisors & Core Frontline Team

To many to name, but the core our team have been together for 5+ years, with several joining TH the day we started.

While some of our Operations & Supervisors do work security full time, or close to it, for the majority of our team we are a secondary employer. Among our team we have students, teachers, small business owners, chefs, coders, shop workers, delivery drivers... all sorts! Some may work for TH several times a week, some may only do a big event every couple of months - but all share a common love of venues and events. We are of course happy to work around your life and other commitments.

Please be aware that we do not currently offer full time work to external applicants. All external roles are casual/zero hour.  


What we offer

Fair pay. We're not going to lie and say our rates are fantastic, but they are fair. No big headline rates only to discover you've been charged for the air you breathed on shift.

Flexible work. We'll work around your commitments, even other event/security jobs, so long as you're upfront and honest with us.

Direct interaction with management. No anonymous booking offices in far away cities. Our managers and Senior DS book shifts and understand the job.

Strong teammates. We understand how frustrating it can be to turn up at a job and not have trust in the person stood next to you. All our workers are personally vetted and our standards are high. We only take on work we can cover, and cover well.

What we want

For Event Security Applicants ONLY - A Valid SIA DS or CP license.

(Event Stewarding Applicants do not require an SIA license).

Personality. 99% of the job is talking to people, we need people with fluent conversational English, and the desire to use it.

Hobbies & Interests. We're after people who have a life outside of work. If your social media is full of security memes, you're probably not for us.

No/limited event experience. This might sound counter-intuitive, but between our Management and Senior DS teams, we can find experienced people. What we can't find as easily is people who are wanting to start in event security, and haven't picked up any bad habits or attitudes. We can teach you how to be an absolutely fantastic team member, but it's significantly harder to teach you to have a personality!

Sounds great, what next...?

Please send an email to joinus@treshombres.uk with a subject line of 'Recruitment'.

If you have a current CV, please attach it, but equally please don't write a full CV fresh for the sake a casual zero hour event/security role. Please write a couple of paragraphs, in fluent English, one paragraph detailing your work background and experience, and one about your interests outside of work.

If we think you are suitable, we will get back in touch with further information.

Please be aware that we only respond to applicants we think might be successful, and aim to do so within 2 weeks, however this might be longer during peak periods. At this stage you will be given details of the full recruitment and onboarding process. You will be required to complete an interview process (it's very informal - don't worry!), and if that is succesful we will require your formal work history and references for screening and vetting procedures. Please do not send copies of licenses, passports, residence cards, etc until we specifically request it for reasons of data privacy.

Please be aware that CVs and other information you send may be kept on file in line with data retention policies. TH Ltd is registered with the ICO.